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IC Markets vs Tickmill | which one is the better forex broker?

Recently, some self-media have labeled Tickmill as "the cheapest in the network", trying to challenge the established broker IC Markets, Xiaobian, which has ...

the sign that a forex trader can be a full-time trader

Answer A Whether a full-time trader needs to distinguish between a professional trader in a company and an individual trading at home, let's talk about ...

Little-known forex trading pit sales recruitment Scam

I found that the " dealers ", " trader " in the guise of hiring and selling positions is really quite a lot, and there are even users described as follows ...

Killing MT4, MetaQuotes pushes MT5’s “empire” worries!

There was a saying in the industry: the chronicle of MT4 is a condensed history of the development of the foreign exchange industry. No matter which platform ...

2 hidden functions of MT4 server you should know

MT4, so to speak, is a tool that every trader is very familiar with and almost everyone uses it. However, how many people are clear about the secrets of ...

Offshore regulation is about to change? New Bahamas leverage rules are coming

The protagonist this time is the offshore regulatory anomaly, the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (subsequently referred to as SCB). The ...

How a trader hiding in the shadows can ruin your trading

Today, I want to pick up with you, a ghost in the market, hidden, but incredibly curious group - the trader. When it comes to traders, what is your first ...

Demystifying the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Trade Fair

Those rumors about the Hong Kong platform Observation found that behind this phenomenon, there is a name frequently mentioned, that is, the Hong Kong Gold ...

Failure rate 100%! 6 steps to identify fake brokers

The concept of "all black platforms are betting, all betting are black platforms" has become quite popular, so many partners are shying away from the word ...