2 hidden functions of MT4 server you should know

MT4, so to speak, is a tool that every trader is very familiar with and almost everyone uses it.

However, how many people are clear about the secrets of MT4?

Behind an MT4 server, there is a lot of knowledge.

1. Did you know that the number and location of MT4 servers is an important basis for identifying black platforms?
2.The location of the server is so close that it can have a great impact on your trading?
3.In addition to the server itself, there is something called MT4 server data processing center? What is this amazing thing?

Let’s look at the first problem: the number and location of MT4 servers speak.

You only need to remember two points.

  • Generally speaking, the number of genuine MT4 servers is not less than three.
  • Large brokers MT4 server, basically set in the United States or the United Kingdom, followed by the EU countries or Singapore, if the server address is in the country, then it is highly likely that this is a domestic platform.

So here’s the question.

Although it is important to know the number and location of MT4 servers, but how do we check this information?

In fact, the method of query is not complicated, I can teach you the operation by hand.

You can randomly choose a platform MT4 to verify, I chose the previously reviewed IC Markets.

The first step, click on the computer side of MT4, we can find in the lower right corner to enter the server settings entrance.

In the second step, after clicking in, you can scan for MT4 servers. If the number of scanned servers is less than 3, or maybe there is no response when you click on that portal, then the probability of MT4 piracy is high. As for regular MT4, after clicking in you can see numerous server addresses, just connect according to your situation.

As for the server’s address, we’ll have to look at the IP.

The same is in the scan server this entrance, click the left mouse button will see you add the server, click in to know the IP address of the server. After that, through the search engine search IP address, you can see the address where the server is placed.

Then look at the second issue, the distance of the MT4 server on the impact of trading.

In fact, to sum up in one sentence: the shorter the distance between you and the server, the faster the execution.

About transaction delays The distance between the server and you inevitably has an impact on the execution time of the trade.

Although the time difference is only measured in milliseconds, for traders who focus on intraday and short term trading, the impact is already quite obvious.

So what to do about the latency?

At this point, it’s time to mention the third issue we’re going to talk about: MT4’s server data processing center.

According to the official introduction of Mediatek, MT4 server data processing center is equivalent to a proxy server, which eliminates the connection time between the client and the main server and allows to complete the order processing directly, reducing the delay in trading.

In addition to this, the Data Processing Center, according to Mediatek, has the following functions.

  • Enhance the efficiency and load factor of MT4 servers, thanks to the data center’s historical data accumulation feature, which allows clients to check historical data without accessing the system servers, just through the data center.
  • Enhancing the protection of trading, the Data Center can continue to work in case of an intrusion into the main server, ensuring that trading is carried out properly.

As for which platforms have data processing centers nearby, I can’t check them all for you here. If you want to know how to set up the server and data processing center of your platform, you can consult the customer service of the platform by yourself.

Well, having said that, do you have a deeper understanding of the MT4 server and the data processing center of the server?

MT4 is the software we need to use every day, but not everyone knows how important it really is and how to make the most of it. If you are a regular broker, will you still use a pirated version of MT4? I believe we all have a good idea of this question.

After reading this article, I hope you can be more sensible and comfortable when looking at the issue of trading delays.