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the sign that a forex trader can be a full-time trader

Answer A Whether a full-time trader needs to distinguish between a professional trader in a company and an individual trading at home, let's talk about ...

Little-known forex trading pit sales recruitment Scam

I found that the " dealers ", " trader " in the guise of hiring and selling positions is really quite a lot, and there are even users described as follows ...

Killing MT4, MetaQuotes pushes MT5’s “empire” worries!

There was a saying in the industry: the chronicle of MT4 is a condensed history of the development of the foreign exchange industry. No matter which platform ...

2 hidden functions of MT4 server you should know

MT4, so to speak, is a tool that every trader is very familiar with and almost everyone uses it. However, how many people are clear about the secrets of ...

How a trader hiding in the shadows can ruin your trading

Today, I want to pick up with you, a ghost in the market, hidden, but incredibly curious group - the trader. When it comes to traders, what is your first ...

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