the sign that a forex trader can be a full-time trader

Answer A

Whether a full-time trader needs to distinguish between a professional trader in a company and an individual trading at home, let’s talk about individual full-time traders who don’t have a base salary when they set up a studio at home or an individual.
You need to have a personal understanding of your situation, because there will be a withdrawal month for transactions, so if you have just entered a full-time life and happen to be in the withdrawal month, then you need to consider whether your income can cover your family’s expenses.
You also need to know how long it will take to pull back from your trading system, during which time you need to adjust your mindset.
With regard to the amount of funds, I think you still need to customize the amount of your trading funds according to the annual average monthly return of your trading system. Of course, this is also the minimum amount of funds. If the monthly income is 1%, you can convert the amount of capital required according to your own expenses.
This matter varies from person to person, and there is no difference between more and less.
Next, let’s talk about technology. Before you become a full-time trader, you must first consider the pullback risk mentioned above. You must know the pullback value in your mind. But it takes time to count your average pullback in historical transactions, how many pullbacks are in extreme months, and only when you can accept the pullback in extreme circumstances can you trade full-time.
Don’t take a fluke to think that you will avoid the risk. When you don’t take the risk seriously, he will take you seriously.
First of all, you must make clear what the loopholes in your trading system are, what the general situation of the strategy pullback is, and make clear some of your entry and exit, and so on. These things need to be quantified. When you review every week, you need to check whether you trade according to the signal. It is also a problem to reflect on your own execution. No matter how good the strategy is, it is also a problem.
It takes a lot of preparatory work before becoming a full-time trader, which can not be expressed in this short text, but the key point is one sentence: whether the extreme risk can be taken and whether the trading model is perfect.

Anwser B

The first point really needs a big financial base, because the market is uncertain, even if you are a trader who can be stable and profitable, there is no guarantee that you will be profitable at the beginning, so it is important to prepare money first, you can not wait until the market comes before starving ah. Specifically, how much to prepare? I think with your current quality of life, prepare two years of living expenses, and this is the pure cost of living, not that the cost of trading, we can not do their own trading, so that the whole family together with the risk of it, to give the family a stable life is I our most basic sense of responsibility.

And then there is the question of trading techniques, in the end, to what extent is it good enough to give you peace of mind full time? There is a set of positive expectations trading system, and at least three years of implementation, right. I think this can almost meet the criteria, some people ask if there is a good system, but also the implementation of three years, three years too long ah, cucumber dishes are cold, I have to make less money ah. I think if there are such ideas, then full-time is not suitable for you for the time being, a good system is actually very difficult to adhere to, three years is the minimum value, the turtle trading rule, okay? There are not many people in this world who can stick to it. So, not so patient and calm, or do not abandon the stable income to engage in full-time, too dangerous.

Anwser C

The first step is to reserve funds.

Before the soldiers move, the food is first, and the same goes for full-time trading.

First of all, you should prepare at least 1 to 3 years of living expenses as well as the cost of sickness are added together, and this money is thunderbolt.

Then the extra money can be used for trading. Never use your living expenses to make a deal, otherwise you will be miserable, the heart of the pressure is huge also do not do a good deal.

The second step, the knowledge base.

  1. trading platform knowledge base

Choose a trading platform is very learned, otherwise you may be a basket case. You must have the ability to recognize the regular platform as well as the black platform, in this regard you must grow a pair of eyes of gold.

A mistake in the black platform may lead you to lose your money, years of hard work and effort into nothing.

  1. Trading technology reserves

First of all your trading system must be an anti-fragile system.

Can you achieve stable profits, and what is the logic behind your stable profit principle, where is the risk, how much you can profit, you have to have a number in mind.

  1. Legal knowledge base

You need to know what you can do and what you can’t do.

A gentleman has something to do and something not to do, in order to do nothing.

If you don’t know and break the law, loss of reputation and property is small, facing jail time and loss of freedom is big.

Have you not heard that life is valuable, love is more expensive, if for the sake of freedom, both can be thrown well.

The third step, the final retreat.

This step is also the most important step.

It is both your life saver and your return scroll.

Just like the army fighting, never lose the main city, or you will die a horrible death.

Be sure not to learn to break the boat and do nothing but trade, forcing yourself into a desperate situation.

People who do only trading for a long time, because they do not communicate with the outside world. Even produce a fear of social autism, a serious case of mild aphasia.

Once you fail, when you are old, you may take the road of delivery. Because you won’t be able to do anything else but deal.

The fallback here is if you fail, what is your means of earning a living?

Then you need to think about what jobs you can still do while you are trading.

First, being able to work from home.

Second, being able to communicate with the outside world.

Third, being able to assist in trading.